The “Line Drive in the Face” story

Okay, most of you who already know me, I have my moments. Moments of sheer brilliance, and downright stupiditiy. Stupid enough that most of the time I’m lucky to be alive. This… is one of those times.

The Precursor; Stop being a moose

9 am, Thursday evening, a.k.a. me playing PS3 downstairs being a moose. Just hangin out playing the show in some variation or another when Sunshine (my brother) taps me on the shoulder and says “Yo, wanna go to the fields and throw me BP?” Having absolutely no excuse to stay downstairs being a lazy sack of feces and playing video games til I was too tired to go on, I said yes. And the wheels of destiny began to turn

The Arrival

Sunshine and I arrived at the little league fields about 20 mins later and he informs me that he is going to be going to the gym with his friends in a little while. Wondering why I just prepared to do physical activity to whenever he felt like leaving, I laced my cleats on and started jogging around the field like usual. So he grabs his bat and tells me to go behind the L-screen and set up… I do.

The Indicent; I’m a lucky bastard

Now I’m behind the L-screen from 20 feet away throwing him warmups. Don’t know why he wants me that close but I’m just doing as he asks for whatever reason. So there I am throwing the balls and he’s yanking all of them to right field no problem around the same spot. All this time im concentrating throwing pitches down the middle, I forget a very important detail… Where I am standing. So naturally after pulling the ball 12 times, he makes contact with a ball and I’m seeing stars for a second. Sunshine ignites into profanity in horror as he realized that he just shot a laser off his bat and hit his older brother in the lower jaw. Though he was shaken up, I couldn’t help but wonder for those few seconds what damage did that ball do. I realized it missed my temple by about 6 inches, so I moved my mouth around to feel if i had a broken jaw or loose tooth. But nothing. Only a seam mark across my face. I had just taken a ball off of a bat from 20 feet away off of my head and was completely fine.

The Aftermath; Let’s keep playing

I thought of situations like this happening in nightmare scenarios, but after it actually occuring to me in real life, I felt completely fine. Fine enough that I was able to continue playing for the next hour and a half without being that shaken up from it. I guess one could never pay too much attention =/.


About Ryan Hoeler

Full time student living in Barnegat NJ. Just starting up a blog after many a friend told me that I should start one up and share intricate details of my life that makes it so lovely and eventful, as well as putting creative twists on things I encounter looking at various baseball events throughout the MLB season.
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